Application of QEMSCAN Automated Mineralogy in Georesources, Mining and Materials Engineering – a valuable tool for Academia and Industry

QEMSCAN Automated Mineralogy is a technology that images materials on a pixel-by-pixel basis after determination of chemical composition and density using electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry. Phase identification in the sample is performed automatically and instantaneously for each individual pixel by correlation of element as well as density information with a data base, and digital images with highly resolved phase assignment are created. In addition to imaging QEMSCAN also accomplishes investigation of statistical and textural parameters. The image analysis software extracts quantitative data on abundances of all phases from major components down to accessories. It also quantifies data on size, size distribution, association or shape of phases. Unattended rapid measurement as well as automatic quantitative image analysis allow high throughput and interrogation of sample areas large enough to have representative results. Furthermore, operator-independent investigation leads to repeatable and objective sample data.

Thus, the QEMSCAN technology allows numerous valuable applications in the fields of Georesources (properties of sedimentary source and reservoir rocks for oil and gas, characterization of ores, mineralogy and petrology of metamorphic and igneous rocks, identification of particles in ashes and dusts), Mining (estimation of grind and liberation size, characterization of ore processing products) and Materials Engineering (characterization of glass, ceramics, refractory materials, properties of building materials, investigation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and products of metallurgical processing). Consequently, QEMSCAN is an important tool for exploration and reservoir geologists and engineers, as well as for mining and materials engineers.

Examples of QEMSCAN application:
Petrography of Sandstones
Characterization of Massive Sulphide Ores
Evaluation of Flotation efficiency

Analytical equipment, samples and sample preparation



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