Links to sites containing material on Taal Taal as seen in 1856

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last modification: November 14th, 2000
  1. Brief information on Taal as provided by the Philippine Institute of Volcanolgy and Seismology

  2. Taal volcano, Philippines: SIR-C/X-SAR Space radar image of Taal volcano, near Manila on the island of Luzon in. Link to 1965 eruption photos. 1.html

  3. SRL-2 - Taal volcano, Philippines. This is a Space radar image of Taal volcano, on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Better resolution than in (2). cap.html

  4. Computer generated flow models of pyroclastic surge: Applications to the 1965 eruptions of Taal Volcano, Philippines. Bernard E. Hubbard & Michael F.Sheridan.

  5. Information on a French Project to surveille Taal volcano and more details here!

  6. Summary of activity in the past years:

  7. Trek to Taal Volcano by Milo Villabroza, Pilipinas Sierra. /treks/taaltrek.htm

  8. Taal Volcano (Philippines) - Taal Volcano (Philippines) Brief Description. Location. Not yet: Geologic Map. Topographic Map. Eruption History.

  9. The Taal Volcano - Commonwealth Network. View from the rim of the volcano crater looking down into the crater lake.

  10. Things to do at Tagaytay, the lookout point for Taal:

  11. General information on tagaytay,

  12. Philippines Picture Gallery - VOLCANOS Taal, Mayon, Pinatubo. /phil.html

  13. PLDT Mountaineering and Outdoors Club, report on a trip to Taal

  14. Another trip to Taal.

  15. Well organized banka trips to Taal Island

  16. Commercial diving in Lake taal

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